Cadant provides consultant services in mechanical engineering!
Our experience spans from large automated steel constructions in mining industry to intricate designs in life science. Cadant can help you from first idea to the finished product.

Whats your challenge?

Concept Generation

Have you got an idea?

Do you need a photo realistic rendering, a model to hold in your hand or a working prototype?

Cadant will help you turn that idea into something more useful!



CAD is a most useful tool for mechanical engineering! With CAD, drawings can be made for manufacturing your parts, designs can be assessed and improved, CAD can help you keep track of changes in your product, in fact little can’t be done with CAD!

All you need is someone to supply and run it!

Cadant use SolidWorks which is a versatile tool for all kinds of designs. Cadant also have experience from other CAD softwares if you have already invested in one.



Is it going to break? Will it be cool enough? What happens if you drop it?

Simulation of your design can help it work the first time, reduce material usage, improve efficiency, estimate lifetime and much more. Time spent on simulations in early design phases oftentimes proves economic!

Cadant has experience from many different areas of simulation and provides simulation software.



When your product has reached the market automation of assembly and manufacturing steps is often the next logical step.

Automation can also be used to perform a test with great repeatability, to measure your details or to allocate more time for other things!

Automation is a wide term, Cadant has experience in automation in many different forms. So no matter the size or complexity, ask us!